The U.S. Should Trust in the Young National Soccer Team

The U.S. is moving on from the people who put national soccer in the poor condition. Most of the players that used to play in the past have been kicked out of the team. The U.S. didn’t have any team worth mentioning to the elite teams of this sport. However, that is changing now as the players are fresh and young. They are here to achieve the results for their country and represent it to its complete glory. As the US market is opening up for betting, as can be seen on the sites such as, the influx of new people will probably incentivize people to follow the sport more.

Some goalkeepers were over 30 years old and still playing for the team, but some people think that they should also be replaced by younger players. Older players don’t really have anything new to offer and they are usually the ones who contributed to the unpleasant situation. Older players should probably not play at international levels, that is one thing everyone agrees on.

It is true that soccer is not as big as some other sports (American football for example), but nonetheless, the quality of the team is improving and now the U.S. have chances better than anyone else to compete at the world cup in Russia.

Another example is Germany who has rebuilt its team after internationally seen bad results. Chile is another success story of rebuilding the international reputation. These are the stories USSF can look up to. And now the future looks brighter than ever.


The current team was never a part of the competition that turned into a joke on the internet. They have no history, they are a clean canvas to paint the new future of American soccer. And many soccer fans are with them. Another fun fact is that the U.S. have boughten more tickets than Russia for the upcoming world cup. It’s another pointer that the American public is interested and have their hope renewed. The expectations are high, and we do hope they are not too high.

The next generation has arrived and we hope to see as many goals as possible. Here is the current team roster:

Tyler Adams, Cameron Carter Vickers, Joe Corona, Luca De La Torre, Julian Green, Bill Hamid, Western McKennie, Eric Lichaj, Matt Miazga, Shaq Moore, Andria Novakovich, Erik Palmer-Brown, Tim Paker, Keaton Parks, Antonee Robinson, Rubio Rubin, Josh Sargent, Zach Steffen, Will Trapp, Jorge Villafana, Tim Weah, Bobby Wood, William Yarbrough and DeAndre Yedlin.

That’s the team. Many of them play in European clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur in England, Fulham FC in England, Stuttgart in Germany, Nottingham Forest in England, Manchester City in England and many other respected clubs.

There are many games to be won and the World Cup is about to start. The American team is ready to play.