Types of Online Betting

The online gambling world is thriving at the moment with more and more people preferring to gamble from home on a PC or any other place using their mobile phones and a popular bonus code.  Online sports betting is one of the most popular gambling types at the moment, and it includes different types of bets from determining the winner to how many fouls a player is likely to commit.

Beginners can feel overwhelmed by the variety of betting types available online so below we will take an in-depth look at each of them to make their life easier.  

Fixed odds sports betting is the most popular form of online betting and is very straightforward. Basically, gamblers bet on what will happen in a sports event, trying to guess either the final outcome or other aspects of the game, like how many goals a football team or a certain player will score, who will be the player to score the first goal, and so on.

Within this category, we can include the win bet (also known as moneyline wager), the “traditional” way of betting, in which gamblers wager on which team/player will win a sporting event. If they bet on the winning team or player, they too win and collect the profit. This type of betting is also called “Head to head.”

The other type, where you can wager on different aspects of the game is called “Totals (Over/Under)” and bets can be placed on any countable statistic in a game, such as points, free throws, and goals in football, games in a set in tennis, etc.

In-play or live betting is another popular type of online sports betting, especially among beginners. In simple terms, you can place bets while a sporting event is unfolding instead of before the event. The advantage of live betting is that it opens up a lot more betting opportunities than conventional betting. Just to make an idea, know that you can bet on who will open up the score, which team will manage to score next, the number of yellow cards in the match, and so on.   

Exchange betting has quickly gained popularity on the sports betting scene, although it is a relatively new form of wagering. How it works? Well, the main point is that bookmaker services are no longer used, as players are basically betting against other bettors. The odds are also fixed, but bets are placed between punters who take opposite sites.

Spread Betting is a wagering type that is not to be confused with betting on point spread – a bet very popular in America that can be placed in fixed odds betting. Spread betting is less popular among players, mostly because it is more complex, therefore more complicated.

Odds no longer matter and your stake may vary as well, it is not a fixed amount, which means the risks are higher, but so are the returns. In some respects, spread betting is similar to totals betting (the over/under type), where you try to guess if a specific value will be greater or lower than that set by the bookmaker.

Fantasy sports betting is also new and many do not consider it a type of betting, as you aren’t betting on the outcome of a sporting event. Instead, you can win money by creating a fantasy team of real players and pitting it against other teams, which in turn were created by other players.